Placing MC's on random


I’m trying to place 12 MC’s on random coordinates. In the attached zip file you can see their positions. I was thinking that I could have an array, in which each ‘item’ represents an x and a y position for one of the MC’s. This array should then be randomized, so that when the thumbs.swf is loaded each MC ends up on one of the 12 predefined positions randomly, so that every time you load the MC’s are in different positions. But how do you store two values in an array item?
Amnos already helped me out big-time with a different approach I had in mind, but I could not figure out how to continue with this…thanks again Amnos, er and sorry for not doing more with what you gave me…this is the address to that thread:

What I really want to do is, what I described above and once all MC are loaded, let them appear in a random order.
For example, all is loaded and then make the MC’s apperar sequentially with an alpha fade-in from top left to bottom right…or the other way 'round, or build it up in columns…

Any input is really appreciated,