Platform Game Issues

Hi all. First post here, although I post on flashkit as well (no help over there right now though…). I’ve been working on a platform game with a friend (i am the main designer, he ‘was’ the main coder), and he’s now unable to continue working with me for a few medical reasons, which is really disappointing because we’ve put around 40 hours into it easily.

I’m pretty good at figuring things out on my own but Im stuck with a few aspects of the code that I want to add (such as respawning, a few logistic problems, and scoring). I was wondering if I could paypal someone $20 (usd) to help me out fix these issues. It should take easily less than 30-45 mins for someone who knows Actionscript well.

It’s been too much of a hassle to try and paste individual problems for help, i’d rather get it all in one big sum. And Im not looking for “quick answers”, it really will help me learn as well.

Sorry if this kind of post is looked down upon, Im just not sure where else to turn. PM me if you’re interested in making a quick 20 for some amateur help :slight_smile: