Play and stay movie clip

Ok here’s what i’d like to happen.

animated text to swirl out of mouth of person when you click them. This text/animation then proceeds to fill up the space.what i’ve tried [unsuccessfully] is button method that plays a movie clip animation.

face_btn.onRelease = function() {

that part works fine. the animation swirls out when you click the head, but the movie clip disappears after it plays. how do i get it to play then go settle on the bottom and as the head is clicked repeatedly the text fills the stage.
does that make sense? am i thinking about this the right way?
thanks for any assistance.


DO you mean the animation dissapears after it yhas finished the tweening stuff? did you put a stop sign? or can i see the file if i’m wrong

the movie clip which contains the animation plays, then disappears.
However since this morning I’ve been trawling kirupa site and found a better way of doing what i want, that is, the duplicatemovieclip method.
this is demonstrated in the Advanced Actionscript tutorials. it’s almost perfect.
however i’d like to control where the ‘circles’ are placed on the stage. In this example the script is random. I’d like to pile them up as if they are cookies in a jar. also i can’t seem to download the source file on this particular tutorial?
so now my question is how to control where the cookies crumble?

well you can control where they are placed using set property is that what you wanted? set the y and x axis for the duplicated cookie…