Play backwards possible?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to tell a movie clip to play backwards?

very possible:


You can put this into a condition for how you want it to play… ie number of frames to reverse, on a certain event, yadda, yadda… hope it helps.


if you tell me what effect you are trying to achieve, I could be more specific.

well I have some keyframes that open a subnavigation, and it would be cool if I could close it by just playing it backwards…

on (release) {
//going to the end
//and then go backwards here… :wink: not sure how to do that.

function fReverse(mcRef){
mcRef.onEnterFrame = function (){
} else {
this.onEnterFrame = null;

to make a movie clip on the _root named ‘hello’ play backwards to frame 1 do this:

hope that helps!