Playing scene 1 from movie symble


i am trying to play a frame from a movie symble.

here is what i do:

on main stage (scene 1), with one layer, i add 4 keyframes, and i assign a stop action to each one.


i create 4 movie symbles, each with 20 frames, all are shape tweeni, a moving circle. 1st, circle moving from center to top and back to center, 2nd, circle moving from center to bottom and back to center, 3rd, circle moving from center to right and back to center, and 4th, circle moving from center to left and back to center.


at the end of each movie symble, at frame 20, i add a stop action and a goto action. :::::HERE IS THE PROBLEM::::

on the goto settings at the bottom, there is an optoin for scene, so i chose scene 1, which in my understading, it means the main stage… so for the 1st movie, i indicate goto and play frame 2 at scene 1, 2nd movie goto and play frame 3 on scene 1, and so on…


on main stage, i add the 1st movie to frame 1, 2nd movie to frame 2, 3rd movie to frame 3, and 4th movie to frame 4.

in my thought;

when the .swf file starts, at frame 1, there is a movie and a stop action. so the movie arrives frame 20, pushes 1 frame up on the main stage, and stops for playing the 2nd movie, and so on…

now can someone tell me what’s wrong that i’m doing that the movie is just staying at frame 1 and after the first movie played and stopped, nothing happen’s…
Thank You,

well, may be i explained to much for little… sorry…

but what i’m really looking for is how i can play a moive and stop the frame on the main stage till the movie ends, and then go to next frame and stop it till the next movie plays and finishs and so on…

i spent too much time trying to figure it out by playing through a lot of actionscripts, but not got what i wanted… so please someone tell me what i need to do…

and a million thanks to all of you…

Add _root to your gotoAndPlay statement.

ie. the script on frame 20 of the first movie clip should look like this.


then the second movie clip looks like this


The _root tells it to direct it’s attention to the timeline in level0 of the player, or the base timeline that holds everything else.

Alternatively, if you like something a little more dynamic, you may be able to use an alteration of this script


if that works, then it means you can just put the same script on frame 20 of each of the movie clips.

Another thing to remember is that once the play head moves to the next frame, that movie clip is no longer in existance. Which means that technicaly you don’t have to place a stop action on their frame 20’s. The movie clips don’t need to stop. Granted, it only gives you a couple of bytes of file size back, but sometimes those few bytes can make all the difference.

As for the whole “scene” issue, I say leave it blank. If you don’t need to mess with scenes then don’t. I use them now, but I still think that they are flakey at best with regard to organizing things.

finally, after so many hours of work on this issue, i came to the moment of success. it did work. and i am greatly thankful to you…

just one thing i want to mention, it did work with the: _root.gotoAndStop(frame # ++); not with: _root.gotoAndStop(nextFrame);

but at least it worked somehow…