Playing with ps

sup. i was toying around with photoshop and came up with this…

what u think :slight_smile:

Wanna see the real pic? :smiley:

btw thats a pic from my daugther

for the rec.

heres orig. pic.

Poor thing, what did you do to her?! :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: thats what a bored daddy do :D:!: :goatee:

i hope i dont get bored when i have kids…

im just playing around with the filters at ps, kinda cool things you can do :slight_smile:

but to your kid lol? well it looks nice either way.

I think it turned out nice man. Everything looks smooth. nice and blended. I like the texture on the eyes the most. Good job, love to see more. Nice typo too.

heh i luv my kid :smiley: she is a beauty

finally a comment :smiley:

thanks. im making some more. i really like the style…

Is the baby one your website yours too?? hehe.


I don’t like it :-\ freaks me out!

runs away

  • Soul :s:

I was talking about the embyo baby on the front page of your site…top left??

although it’s a tad weird, it really is neat-looking. (Only weird
because it’s a baby.)

I like the eyes too, but the thing that I noticed right away is the
smoothed-over mouth. Interesting, and done well.

oh thanks for the comments : ).

and jhon, no the embryo is not my child i got it from somewhere i cant remember that page is like 1 half year old, and never updated :stuck_out_tongue: