Please! Anyone help with this! [Dynamic MP3 Loading]

Here is what I have so far with the problem described in my previous post, “Dynamic MP3 Loading”. the .fla and .swf files are in the zip, but I have omitted the two mp3s for the sake of file size. Just provide “music.mp3” and “JimmyEatWorld.mp3” in the same directory.

Playing the swf file locally seems to work fine…the mp3 loads fine and plays, and it accurately reads the file size, also. Only problem is when it’s run remotely-- then it doesn’t even open the mp3.


is the MP3 loaded remotely as well? make sure your paths are right and it will work

it works locally. The MP3s are in the same directory as it, so it’s not remote to the script, but it is still remote to you. I’ve tried loading it as “music.mp3” and “/music.mp3” but neither seem to work remotely. Oddly enough it works locally, however. How could this be?

Put the absolute path (if remotely meas on a server…)

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