Please can anyone solve this's taking over my life!

Hi, I hope someone can hep me with this as it’s driving me crazy!!..I have a magnify glass effect for my main movie and everything is working great, except I need the magnify glass to stay within certain boundaries on the stage…basically when someone moves there mouse away from the flash movie in the centre of the page in a browser, it cuts off the glass and it looks funny (see…

This is the code on the main timeline, and I just need to add in 125, 127, 1095, 775 coordinates in there to make it not go past these points on the stage:

var moveGlass:Number;

magnifyingGlass.onPress = function() {
moveGlass = setInterval(startGlass,1);
function startGlass() {
magnifyingGlass._x = _root._xmouse;
magnifyingGlass._y = _root._ymouse;

magnifyingGlass.onEnterFrame = function(){
this.largeobject._x = (this._parent.original._x-this._x)*2;
this.largeobject._y = (this._parent.original._y-this._y)*2;