Please Check FLA (Scoring Problem)

Please Check This FLA. The following are the problems:

  1. If you get a correct answer, if you just keep on pressing the “ACCEPT” button in the next questions, it will still count you some points.

  2. It seems that the only way this doesn’t happen is when you choose one of the choices, and THEN clicking on the “ACCEPT” button. At least this gives you the correct result.

So I just need help on how to fix the “NO ANSWER - STILL GIVE POINTS” problem.

By the way, nice to see the boards up again!

Here’s the link to my FLA, please check it, thanks in advance again!

Hello there…

please forgive me, for maybe this may have to do with how sleepy I am, but… I do not see where you’ve told Flash how to find whether an answer is the correct answer.

Where are all of your if/else statements?

That’s fine… we all need sleep… anyway…

I used those radio buttons to tell flash if it should add a score or not. It runs like this:

  1. When the user clicks on the correct radio button (the DATA value is 1) then it adds one to the score.

  2. The other radio buttons don’t have a value (0).

Anyway, the first radio button group was just copied over and over again, and the parts that were modified were the text (for the choices) and the DATA value (so as to add score when it has been selected)

I’m just not sure where the problem is because it adds the score correctly when the right choice has been made, and doesn’t add a point when you select the wrong choice.

The only problem I have with it is once you get a correct answer in the PREVIOUS question, you can just press the ACCEPT button over and over again and it will give you points ONLY IF you don’t make a choice and just press ACCEPT.

I hope we can fix this=)