Radio Button Help! Please

My mind can’t seem to digest how to make the radio buttons work, even after reading the action script guide in Flash MX…\r\rplease help me here, I’m VERY lost…\r\rSituation:\rFour choices, when the correct one is chosen, score adds 1 point.\r\rThanks. I really need this…

1.Add 4 radio btns to the scene, label them (in the properties panel/parameters) 1 to 4, \rgive all of them a Group name of scoreRadio (or whatever you want, just make it the same for all 4); \rData: enter 1 to 4, same as label (this is what gets send to the score variable, so you might want to set data to 0 for the wrong choices, and to 1 for thr correct one, makes using the data simpler)\rAND a Change Handler of scoreCounter (or whatever you name it…)\rYou can set all the initial states to false, seems more logical\r\rif you test now, you should be able to select only one.\r\rNext, add an actions layer to your timeline, where you need to define the actual Change Handler (the data processing code, kinda…):\r\rfunction scoreCounter (component){\rscoreAdd= Number(component.getData() );}\r\rFlash looks for the last radio to have changed, which is the same as the currently selected one, obviously, and sets the value of the scoreAdd variable to the data found in the “Data” definition of the coponenets properties. Better to convert back to number, coz it might be a string, so use “Number”\rThis code / function will only be run IF one radio btn is selected!\r\rNow it’s up to you how you use scoreAdd, either to add it directly to your score (doesn’t mather if the answer is wrong and you set the wrong ones data to 0) or do a check first to do s’thing else…bla bla…enough\r\rDoes this help?

My partner and I thank you for the help! It works like a charm hehe… I guess adding a _root. before addscore just makes it work for the whole movie right=)\r\rThanks again!\r