Please enlight me on the "AGP going obsolete" thingy

Hi guys!
I’m planning to get another new PC. After doing couple of research I found out that they’re going to phase out AGP cards and replace it with PCI Express cards. Can you guys please explain to me how does this PCI Express thing works? Is it worth it if I get a new PC now? If i were to get a new pc now I’m able to get a high-end PC. I also heard that Longhorn won’t support AGP cards, is that true? And by the way when are they gonna release those PCI Express graphics card.

Thanks in advance! :thumb:

I have not heard anything about Longhorn not supporting AGP. While they may be phasing in PCI Express, they are not going to completely drop AGP in one minute. I think if you have the opportunity to get a high-end PC now, take that opportunity. PCI Express still has a while longer before it is a viable alternative.

Off topic:
What about processor? Should I get those LGA775 processor or usual Socket 478?