Help with AGP Graphics cards

Hey guys, I’m planning on getting a new graphics card for my AGP 8x Computer. And I was wondering if you would have any reccomendations for a good card that is under $200. I currently have the default Geforce MX 4 68 MB card in there now, and it does squat. :stuck_out_tongue: But Also, Will a new AGP card be noticable enough compared to a PCI Express, i realize that AGP is a little out-dated, but will I see a difference enough to turn graphic settings to high? Thanks a lot. :smiley:

Er, $200 you can buy a pretty decent PCI card… Why not buy a new motherboard?

how much are new motherboards?

not that much I don’t think.

yikes! 100 dollars plus, well can you reccomend a good motherboard that isnt really expensive?

Dont get an AGP unless its a really nice one (wow what an oxymoron :lol:).

Hes right though get a new motherboard AGP are being phased out.

well any ideas for a good motherboard? i cant really go crazy with money here.

I can tell you right now the best card for AGP thats worth it is the 6800 GT (I’ve had it for like 3 years now old i know). Try to search around and see if you can find one.

Good luck finding anyone that sells it though (newegg lists it but doesnt sell it).

I honestly have no knowledge of motherboards so here goes. Hope it helps.

My Processor is An Intel Pentium 4 Processor with HT technology
And I have 1024 MB of DDR ram (with FSB:DRAM of 5:4…whatever that is)

I really need help as to what kind of mobo i need to get so i can use a PCI express that is compatable with this computer.

Look, newegg is easy to use… Look under motherboards, more specifically Intel, then look up the type of CPU slot is required. And then find a board with a PCI Express slot


Make more money! I know it’s easy to say and hard to do, but a second job never killed anyone (unless they got killed while on the job). When I was your age, I sold suits, mowed lawns, delivered papers, and fixed people’s computers. You could give blood…

Normally I would suggest that you buy a whole new computer, because I’m in a similar situation to yours. I have a 754 slot mobo with an AGP port. I have the Geforce 6600GT, if I watned to buy a new gfx i’d have to buy a new motherboard, a new CPU and probably new RAM. Yikes!
But anyway, since you’re sporting the uber lame mega old GeForce MX 4 (which basically uses the GeForce 2 core I think) I would suggest you buy the GeForce 6600 GT because it still has great performance per price and you won’t pay a lot for it (you can get it for $125) and it would make a very nice boost to your system.

^Yea i would have said the same thing after he started listing his other parts on AIM but it sounds like hes short on cash.

[ot]hmm… this thread makes me feel sad. I have a 3year old 6800 GT and am going to be upgrading soon and I’m hearing people buying cards that are even older. :([/ot]

How short?
Video card is crap but better than what you have: mb and vidcard combo
Or for $200 you can get mb, cpu and a video card.