Please Explain To Me The Fade Out Concept

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I am a total newbie. I don’t know what MC is or how to fade two images (fade out / fade in). I know it’s a simple effect but I can’t seem to be able to achieve it. Could someone point me to a tutorial or tell me how this is done?
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Hey there Zetpap. Welcome to the forums. Well first off, MC stands for MovieClip, it just that its shorter to type. Now fading can take many forms. You can do for example: an image fades in than fades out or an image fades in/out and then appears a new one. Ill make one for you now.

Heres something I did quickly. Its a basic concept. Ask me if you need to understand how it is made or someone will reply to help you out. Since you have said your a total newbie, I suggest you read upon a good flash mx book. Pick up the one called Sams Teach Yourself Flash in 24hrs / Flash MX Hands on Training or preferably Moock’s actionscript book, check it at


Thank you again. This is exactly what i’m looking for. If you could only point to me where can I find where the fade is placed into the file, I won’t bother you anymore. I’m a quick learner!

Heres a Screeny:

Thank You Nice Guy. Got It

No problem, glad I could help :wink: