Please help and review: university application

[font=Trebuchet MS]hi, folks!

(thanks to gwing_02, nice board around here)

i am currently workin on my application for the university of the arts here in germany to study digital media. deadline for the application folder: next week.
this is my big dream, i am focused, i am motived, I would even starve and suffer to study at this university…

therefore i am determined to get as much opinions on my works as possible. i have no real “friends” here who would be smooth talkers, i want to know what you think and even more important: what I can improve!
the folder will be printed on DIN A2 (german format, about 42 * 59 cm).

Of course I’ll mix media and styles and tomorrow I’ll print about 18 works (the university says: “about 20”).
The university is focused on creativity, they don’t want a “perfect” student, they want open-minded people with lot of talent, a great visual understanding and someone they can form.

Right now I am arranging my (hopefully) best works, redoing this and that and will post them here.

01. everyday life the way i love it (self-expression)
the red “veränderung” is change, the words between the numbers are activities during the day. at the end: 1440 minutes. everyday life the way i love it.

02. fear is your friend (training shirt)

03. heart on both sleeves (cd cover)
the adam potts album art, i already posted here… arranged.
PDF (careful 6 MB!)

04. nacht der jugend (website)
“night of the youth”, a night were young people in bremen remember the nazi-crimes, make discussions and a lot more!

thank you for your help!