Please Help Asap

I am trying to burn .exe’s onto a cd for a portfolio. I gotta use the .exe cause i have to be able to launch some pdf’s from the flash movie. Problem is, the flash movies arent “talkin” to each other. for instance i got a button that loads another movie… dosent work, and i got a movie ayer that loads two others automatically, dosent work… i am using

loadMovieNum(“navigation.swf”, 1);

to load automatically within a clip and…

on (release) {
loadMovieNum(“web_design.swf”, 4);

to load from a button…

It all works correctly when i burn the .swf but not .exe

What Gives!

Thanks for your help

i figured it out… only after wasting mucho cd’s… i needed to burn the .swf’s to the cd also for some reason

Exe is kinda like the html - it just stores the reference to the swf. Have to have the swf too for it to talk to!

Glad you got it worked out. :thumb: