PLease help blurry text no matter what


OKay, so im exporting a movie and no matter what i do the pixel font wont come out clear. here is the dilemma.
the font is set on “.0” corrdinates, the movie is the same.
if i used the text as dynamic, it comes out clear, but as soon as i embed the font, it becomes unclear again.
if i use the text as static, it also become unclear on publishing.
If i save the text as a transpernt gif or png. and publish it using flash, it also becomes unclear…
i have no idea what other options i have. please help.

Hey Alejandro.d,

This component will round all your fonts to the 0X0 pixel. it is great!!! Goto and look on the left side under JSFL’s "Round Pixel Coordinates
Tell me if this helps;)

Did you (by accident) scale the textfield?
Click the textfield and look in the transform window, it should read 100%…


Also if you have the text in a symbol of some kind and its not zeroed out in there too you will also get blurry text.