Pixel Font Still Blurry?!

Alright I’ve searched through the forums and have done everything regarding how to use pixel fonts and make them sharp and clear.

Here is what I’ve done so far:

  1. Used specified size (8)
  2. Font is on whole coordinates (x,y)
  3. Used static text because I read that Flash 5 has a problem displaying pixel fonts in dynamic text.
  4. Left-justified

I also noticed that the pixel fonts will become sharp when published at ‘low’ quality, however I also have images in my swf file which becomes affected when not published in ‘high’ quality.

If it helps, I’m using font ‘Org_v01’ from http://www.orgdot.com/aliasfonts/

Please help, I’m a newbie. Thanks.

hm…i wouldn’t understand why pixel fonts would come out blurry when they are very much as vector-ed as anything else in flash…can you send me an fla with that font?

ensure that each thing that contains the text is on whole pixels as well. i.e. if you had your text inside a movie clip that is inside a movie clip, that is inside yet another movie clip, that’s in another movie clip, which is contained by another movie clip, which lies in another clip contained by yet another clip, they all have to be on whole pixels.

phew my hierarchy is complicated :stuck_out_tongue:

you know what, i ended up just making the text into a gif image since i’m not using that much of the text. thanks anyways.