Please help, I am having issues with my scroll buttons! Pllleaassee Helppp

Hi, well I am new to these forums and I got the link to the site from flashkit as I was searching the forums over there. I have built a full website in flash and the tutorial on this site helped me a lot with some of the issues I was having in regards to that. Thanks by the way to the person who wrote it. But anywho, I am having a small problem with the scrollers within my layouts. Now everything is working fine, except these scrollers and I can’t figure out why.

I changed the instance names so they wouldn’t clash with each other and that doesn’t work. So now I am stumped on what else to do. This is my only problem and I can’t find the issue going on with it. So I’d greatly appreciate any assistance with this issue that I am having. I have uploaded the 2 main files that contain the needed information to my website because I couldn’t upload the files here. Again, thank you in advance to those who put forth their gratious help.