Scrollbars problem :S

heya, well ive come across a strange problem.
Im making a personal flash site. I then loadMovie another swf which contains a button to go back also using loadMovie and some different pages with scrollbars. Upon going to the new page the scrollbars only seem to scroll HALF of the text and it overlaps in a really messy way that looks horrible, also the button to go back does not even act as a button.

the reason why this is so strange, is because this is only upon FIRST load of the page, when you refresh and go back to it, its perfectly fine.
Also i tried multiple ways of trying to fix this. I made my own scrollbar, and the same thing happened. I also transfered all of the other swfs contents and put it into one big swf and just used ‘gotoAndPlay’ on my first swfs button. im just not sure…why ? and how i can fix this.

Please reply with anything…and i mean anything that might help.

Thanks in advance

Mayan :kir:

probably going to need to see some files to figure out what is wrong