Please Help: Jpegs look terrible when animated

Hi there, it’s been a while since I used flash but I never had this pronlem.

I have imported some high quality jpeg images which look great, however when I animate them they look all jaggie and terrible.

Any help on the topic would be appreciated.


Check your publish settings. There’s something like jpeg quality. Maybe that’s what is doing this. Maybe not.
pom 0]
And I think there’s a tutorial about that as well on this site.

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Yep, I have set my Jpeg quality to 100 and still the same thing, I’ll hunt around.


also, if you click on the pic in the library, and hit the small “i” on the bottom of the library, a popup properties sheets apears. Try turning smoothing, off or on, and see how it affects the outcome… but try Pom’s method above first. Usually it’s publish settings that do it.

Ok none of the above helped but I did find a fix at flashkit.

Basically U just create a new movie, same size (resolution) with just one frame in it. Then use that to load the .swf file with the jpegs in it. Fixed my problem right up.