Jpg images look bad

I have a question…
I’m using several text items in Flash that are Jpg’s (since the fonts don’t work in Flash, but they do in Photoshop).

My problem is: when I work with them in Flash at 100% they look fine, but when I watch the .swf the images look bad. They seem to look a bit jagged :frowning:

I have put Jpeg quality in the Flash publish setting tab at 100 so this isn’t the problem.

Can anyone help me out?


yeah this problem happends to me alot
did you chage the size of the picture whil working on it at all?
cause if you did for some reason the quality of the pic will go down forever.
i hate that!

why are you importing jpgs into flash??? havent you guys searched the million and one threads on importing images into flash!!!

… PNG’s my friends… go and do a search on importing images… and you will find some answers…:slight_smile:

if you have any other question, ask…