Please help me make a sidebar menu!


I have a four-item menu like below:

Item One
Item Two
Item Three
Item Four

Upon rollover on one of them (say, Item Two), I want the rest of the Items to dim/reduce alpha. When clicked, I want that state to remain (the clicked one ‘normal’, the rest ‘dimmed’). It’s for a one-page portfolio site with the left 5/8 of the screen designated for swapping pictures; the 3/8 left to the right is where the menu will be. Underneath the menu is a thumbnail scroller that swaps out according to the Item clicked. At this point, I just want to know how to dim the other Items when one is clicked. If possible, I want to learn how to do the same to the scrolling thumbnails - when one image is selected, the rest dims on the scroller.

I can run Flash5 as well, so whatever help I can get will be a lifesaver.

Thanks everyone,

well that problem looks like a sommet to be sorted with actionscript one of the guys around here will have a script for it i would imagine or go to i think they might have sommet u need i would ask kirupa or pom or that bloke with the footer ive forgot his name sorry i cant help actionscript is not my thing well flash isnt really im just tryin to learn

Hey, well the setProperty action will do this:
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp setProperty("/item2",_alpha,50);
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp setProperty("/item2",_alpha,100);

this action works for me…hope it helps you.