Please help me make this menu!


I have a four-item menu like below:

Item One
Item Two
Item Three
Item Four

Upon rollover on one of them (say, Item Two), I want the rest of the Items to dim/reduce alpha. When clicked, I want that state to remain (the clicked one ‘normal’, the rest ‘dimmed’). It’s for a one-page portfolio site with the left 5/8 of the screen designated for swapping pictures; the 3/8 left to the right is where the menu will be. Underneath the menu is a thumbnail scroller that swaps out according to the Item clicked. At this point, I just want to know how to dim the other Items when one is clicked. If possible, I want to learn how to do the same to the scrolling thumbnails - when one image is selected, the rest dims on the scroller.

I can run Flash5 as well, so whatever help I can get will be a lifesaver.

Thanks everyone,

Put simply…

Switches. You’d have to make it so that when you click on the top one,

_root.x = 1;

and make it so that

if (_root.x == 1)
//(I can’t remember the exact command, but I think this is
//it… You should be able to find it on the properties list
//in the actions helper thingy anyway.) (100);

… and the others would have it so that if x == 1 their alpha is lowered. Then, if x == 2 (the second to top one is selected), the top one has lowered alpha, the second one has raised alpha, etc.

As always, there are numerous ways to achieve this. Actually, I did <a href=>this</a> for someone recently. I hope it can help you.

pom 0]

Thank you guys for your big help. I’m script-inept, so ilyaslamasse, I used your fla for the most part, and added a little ball that bounces next to each Item upon rollover. What I’d like to do is this:

When clicked on an Item, I want that Item to remain ‘normal’ while the others are “dimmed.” I also want the little ball to stay next to the clicked Item (as an indicator that it is the one chosen).

Also, I have a movie clip that needs to load accordingly to the chosen Item (Item1 has its own scrolling thumbnails, as does Item2, etc). This thumbnail scroller loads right below the Four-Item menu. How do I do this?

Thank again for your huge help - and thanks in advance.