Please help me with rollovers

Right… here’s the deal.
I’m making a navagation for my site using flash, and am gonna use animated buttons.
I have my animated buttons all in place on one layer, one Keyframe.
What i wanna do is that the user rolls the mouse over the button, and then the movie goes to the frame which I want it to go, which will say something about the link.

E.g - User likes the look of “Bands” link. User puts mouse over it, and it takes the user to a frame saying about the link in a little box. User takes the mouse off the link, and it goes back to it’s original form.

I hope you understand. If you don’t - then I’ll try and provide an in-depth analysis in a later post if you wish me to.


onMouseEvent(roll over) go to which ever frame.
onMouseEvent(roll out) go back to frame 1

have a variable (“loc”) for storing what section you’re in. say “info” is the name if the movie that contains the information that changes on rollovers.



   ... do going to links section stuff...
   _root.loc = "links";

   if(loc != "links");

actually, you could put that if statement in all the actions.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have a clue about Actionscipt, therefore have no idea what Variables are, and how to do them. Can you just explain how to do them, thanks

we’re not talking rocket science here.

variables contain information so you can access it later on, you can store anything you want in .

name = “johannos”;

this way, your movie can remember things. cool!


So I just throw in that in the actionscript place?
name = “bands”;


yeah and then whenever you want to know what bands is you can reference it


would send the movie clip “content” to a frame that you had labeled “bands”.

keep in mind that each movie holds it’s own set of variables so will not be the same as

AND keep in mind that the
on (release){
command can only be placed on a button. If you open the action script panel, to add a/s, and the onMouseEvent(); option is grey’d out, then you do not have a button selected on the stage. If you try to add code it will be placed in the frame, rather than attached to the button instance.