Please help with this scroll

this is my scroll.a lame one.i want to do the scroll thingie with the wheel too.but i don t get this:


Flash- Player 6 (Windows only).


someListener.onMouseWheel = function ( [ delta [, scrollTarget ] ] ) { // your statements here}


delta An optional number indicating how many lines should be scrolled for each notch the user rolls the mouse wheel. A positive delta value indicates an upward scroll; a negative value indicates a downward scroll. Typical values are from 1 to 3; faster scrolling can produce larger values.

scrollTarget An optional parameter that indicates the topmost movie clip instance under the mouse pointer when the mouse wheel is rolled. If you want to specify a value for scrollTarget but don’t want to specify a value for delta, pass null for delta.




Listener; notified when the user rolls the mouse wheel. To use the onMouseWheel listener, you must create a listener object. You can then define a function for onMouseWheel and use addListener() to register the listener with the Mouse object.

****Note: Mouse wheel event listeners are available only in Windows versions of Flash Player.


The following example shows how to create a listener object that responds to mouse wheel events. In this example, the x coordinate of a movie clip object named clip_mc changes each time the user rotates the mouse wheel:

var mouseListener:Object = new Object();mouseListener.onMouseWheel = function(delta) { clip_mc._x += delta;}Mouse.addListener(mouseListener);The following example draws a line that rotates when you rotate the mouse wheel. Click the SWF file at runtime and then rotate your mouse wheel to see the movie clip in action.

this.createEmptyMovieClip(“line_mc”, this.getNextHighestDepth());line_mc.lineStyle(2, 0xFF0000, 100);line_mc.moveTo(0, 100);line_mc.lineTo(0, 0);line_mc._x = 200;line_mc._y = 200;var mouseListener:Object = new Object();mouseListener.onMouseWheel = function(delta:Number) { line_mc._rotation += delta;};mouseListener.onMouseDown = function() { trace(“Down”);};Mouse.addListener(mouseListener);** [/color]

i ve been trying this for a few days now.i don t get it.i m not much of a programmer.please help me do this once and for all.for all mankinds sake.