Please help!

I’ve now tried to get this fixed for a pretty long time. I just can’t get it work.

I took some screenshots to tell you what’s happening:

1: The movie slides in as it should

2: The movie is ready.

3: Now I click the websites button and this happends:

The new movieclip you see is loading from the same folder, to a empty movieclip at root. The problem is that the white alpha background with the text and buttons is going to the outher right. I know it’s because of the slide in, cause I tried it without the slide in and that works. Pretty strange.

Download the .fla
Download the websitecontent.swf

I hope you can help me.

Simon Henriksen

I can’t help u there but

about your title:

Yeah, I know, but I’ve posted so many threads about this problem that I don’t have more ideas on what to call this problem…

just call it the same thing or u can bump ur thread…i think(-:

Umm, where’s the code that slides the menu to the right? I’m not really sure what your problem is. PM me if your desperately in need of help.