Please help

Please help, i’ve been asked to create a movie which needs to look like its been filmed using a motion camera.

For example when you see a flower growing at speed or blurred images of cars moving around a car park.

Its usually done when a timer is on a camera and it takes a picture every so often.

My problem is I can’t find any examples on the web nor can I find any tutorials on this.

I need to have this completed asap so I would appreciate any help:bandit:


what exactly is your problem :q:

Thanks for the speedy reply,
well what it is, I need to see how the effect can be created in flash 5 to look like it has been done using time lapse photography.

My task is for a car parking presentation and I need to make it look like the same car park has been filmed all day with random photo’s taken of the car park, it can’t just be pictures on frames I need it to run smooth on tweens etc

If you have quick time click here
if you go to the last one you’ll see what I mean

I uderstood you from the beginning… my question is how do you intend to pull it off.

you´ll gonna work with photos only? photos and drawings? only drawings?


Okay sorry about that,
Well I have an assortment of car pictures (mainly from the web),
and i’ll use photoshop to give the appearence of move ment, I will try to attatch the image of the car park to give you a rough idea of the space I’ve got to work with


i think i got it now.

  • in photoshop, do this movement effect on the cars (motion blur or whatever) and save the car images in a transparent background (gif or png). only one image per car.
  • on flash use easing motion onj the cars combined with high frame rate (30/+). you probably wanna set the _alpha for the car images below 100 too.

do a search on this boards on easing, or try one of our tutorials on the same subject. you should have no problem now…
… but if you do, post any questions in this very thread and i´ll help you :wink:

Your a star, thanks,
If I get stuck I’ll give you a shout:bandit:

you´re welcome :wink: