Please help


im a noob with flash so this q. proberly isnt that hard but it has real confused me. :*(

I want to make a menu going along the left side of my site (o.k so far) with a semi-transparent bar that follows the curser (with Easing) up and down the menu

please help me :rambo:


Ok, make a mc of the transparent box, give it instance name slide.
make all your buttons mcs and give them instance names lnk1, lnk2, lnk3, etc…
put this on first frame of timeline:

numLinks = 6; //number of links you have
slide._visible = true;
slide.speed = 12;
sliderMove = function () {
slide._visible = true;
slide._y = slide._y-(slide._y-newy)/slide.speed;
onEnterFrame = function () {
for (i=1; i<=numLinks; ++i) {
link = “lnk” add i;
if (_root[link].hitTest(_xmouse, _ymouse)) {
newy = _root[link]._y;
_root[link].onEnterFrame = sliderMove;

I didn’t code this, found it here on the forums somewhere awhile back, but its really easy to customize and easy to understand how the code works. hope it helps. =]

i did what you told me but i still cant get it to work ;(

Why not change the Alpha levels and use this:

Just make it vertical instead of horiz.
That’s what I do.

here is an fla…

Thanks loads

the .fla has realy helped :beam:


the .fla you posted works fine, just how i want the slider to work, so i copyed the actionscript and all the mcs instance names but my slider still dosent work :frowning:

dose it make a diffrance if im haveing the whole menu in a mc?

good stuff… im glad to be the helper and not the helpee for once, hehehe. =]

hmmm…maybe post the fla, I’ll try and fix it…

ya it wont work if its in an mc…and i’m not really sure how to go about making it work that way. Why cant you just keep it on the main timeline?

i realy do need it in a mc :frowning:

i guess i will have to do it anover way :-\

Hmmm. well i suppose you would have to change the paths…
I’m not totally sure how well this would work, maybe wait for a more experienced member to back me up/ correct me, but you’d have to repath all your instances…
so where it says slide, youd havta put (with menu being the instance name of the mc…)

and in the if statements it would have to be changed also…[link]

This is totally just a stab, i could be completely wrong, so it may be wise to wait for another opinion on this…

ive done it without useing the mc now and its working :smiley:

thx for all the help