PLEASE, please help. Flash lag

I have made an intro for a band website and it works great while previewing on the flash mx 2004. The background is in sync with the guitars from the music and the band members pictures with the drums, however, when I publish it and put it online , everything appears out of sync, and things don’t work like they are supposed to not even colors!!! … What’s wrong with this? PLEASE HELP!!

See the .Fla


Set the sound to stream. And dont use 12fps. :wink:

Changing the sound to stream didn’t help. It’s still out of sync. ( what’s 12fps? )

It represent the framerate (12 frames per second)
It sais how manny times the stage will be redrawen.(per sec)
The higher the framerate, the smoother you annimations will become.
But dont go to high, couse it will become verry prosessor-intensive.


thanks, But I still can’t get it to be sync…
I even tried make another one, and the same mistake always happens… the version on the web is never the same as the preview… Why? How can I correct this?

Setting it to stream should fix your problem. I have done tons of demos and it always works. Seetting it to start or event wont synche the timeline animation with the sound in the timeline, because diferent browsers render flash at different speeds.

Ok, I am going to re-do it with the sound on the stream

If the sound quality goes down, over ride the publish settings under File/Publish Settings/Flash tab.
Check the Override sound settings check box, then click settings and play with the kbps. Usually 80 is pretty good. =)