Please someone buy it

Again, ended my engagement a few months ago. I need to sell the ring. It was cleaned and kept in excellent shape. If not you, then please refer people.

Thank you all! Insurance is due at the end of this month!

Wow man, still didn’t sell that thing?

Sorry man, I don’t know anyone at all whos planning on getting married that I can refer to you :-\

yeah i know right…it’s a steal right now at $750…less than half of what i paid for it…

I think you might want to sell it to a jewler… ebay may be hard for some people to trust.

…I think so too, especially for such amounts.
Yeah, try to sell it back to a jewler.

jeweler will take it for about 200…and thats by no means ok lol…yes i was a fool for falling in love lol…

i sold the promise ring on ebay just fine, and ive seen other rings of lesser quality selling for more…so hopefully it will work out.

if you know of anyone feel free to tell them haha and we can get together.

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ouch man sorry to hear you are having such a hard time selling it, it will work out i hope!

Tell me more of the ring.

Click the link coyote lol :stuck_out_tongue:

doh Ok now I see.

Nice ring sweetie but not quite what I was looking for. Sorry - Good Luck!!

NOOOOOOO! It is what you are looking for!! Please!!! You are like 1 of 2 people who have even expressed interest!

What’s not to your liking?