Please take 2 mins to look at this issue ... MC not motion tweening after enlargment

Hi All, not even sure where to start, i have spent around 7 - 8 hours on this issue. this is the problematic .swf file and the code below is the problematic code:

on (press) {
setProperty(this.framelarge, _height, “438.6”);
setProperty(this.framelarge, _width, “378.3”);
on (release) {
setProperty(this.framelarge, _height, “219.3”);
setProperty(this.framelarge, _width, “189.2”);

Its all simple enough but its leaving the image stuck on the page after zooming, i have searched google and endless forums and tried every piece of code i can think of.
If you dont press the enlarge button its fine … sigh
The photo image itself is randomly generated leaving out the option of doing a duplicate clip for the enlargement and then unloading it else that would work… does ANYONE have any ideas at all? I would LOVE YOU forever :slight_smile: you simply cannot believe how frustrating this has been for me, 8 hours and getting absolutely no-where.