Someone help me with this simple problem

I want to make a tween that simply enlarged an item. When I try to do this with a shape tween, every now in then the picture, instead of just zooming morphs some weird way. Some one please tell me how to just enlarge something using a tween! Thanks.

try hitting F1 on your keyboard…

then try using a motion tween…


if your trying to shape tween and actual image, it will distort, not sure what f1 does?

opens the help files…



lol :slight_smile:


“wtf does F1 do in flash, isn’t that help? Well, maybe not. ::presses F1 in flash:: Dang it!” Then i scrolled down a little more, im offically embarassed.

something everyone who opens Flash for the first time should do…

hit the freaking F1 key, and follow some of the tips…



if you are simply going to enlarge the object, use a motion tween. Or if you are determined to use a shape tween try adding some shape hints