Pls. give me idea to put stuffs on one page?

I am working on 800x 600 dimensions for my Flash-based portfolio site.

| vita | web | design | art | illustration |

These are main navigation and there are subNavigation/menu system.

For the Vita, I have bunch of texts and I used UI Scrollbar and it was working.
For other menus such as web and design, I have images (image1, image2, image3, etc.) and their description under the subNavigation menu.

For example, if I plan to put 4 images and description on 800x 600 stage, how can I put all the content there?
When I work on HTML, the page automatically makes scroll bar when I put the images and texts.
How does it work on Flash?
Is the only way I need to make sub-subNavigation system to work on it?

Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions!