Plugin Error on My Site?!

Hi there, I’ve been experiencing something that says “Plugin Error” when I open a movie in my site. I used Netscape and that error occured. When I use Internet Explorer, the whole thing doesn’t even show that it’s loading…

The site is ADENOSINE

Strange thing is, on both browsers, my menu works perfectly, no problem at all. The problem starts in the CARTOONS section of the site (the Reb Ball button will bring you there) when you click “WATCH IT!”. It opens another window where my cartoon is placed. My cartoon is about 1MB in size.

On the “OTHERS” section, you will see a small weird thing I made called “SPECIAL DATE”. It works perfectly, no problem at all.

I think there’s a problem with loading a big file like, 1MB? Please help me!:cool:

PS - Please recommend a free site where I can host my files… it’s strange but it’s the first time geocities actually told me that I have exceeded my transfer limit or something hmmm…

Darn geocities! I switched servers and got another free one (although a bit religious one) and checked my site again… then now it’s working FINE!

Somehow, geocities tends to cause “plug in” errors with large flash files… oh well… at least I’ve got mine working