Plz help me with using Flash with PHP & MySQL

I’m having trouble getting the following tutorial to work:

Learn How to Use Flash with PHP and mySQL:

I haven’t even got to the MySQL side of things yet, because I can’t even get the swf to read my variables from my php file which has the following code:

//The value of $x would be printed to the screen but the SWF would not read the data
$x = “abc”;
print $x;
//The value of $x would be printed to the screen and because of the prefix ‘myVar=’, the SWF will //interpret this as being the intended value for the variable myVar in the SWF
print “myVar=$x”;

I have followed the tutorial precisely and have had no joy. I have tried fiddling with the variables and still no joy. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee can someone help me, I am desperate.

Thanks alot