Plz help

hey peeps,
ive got an email form that i created in flash by following the tutorial at and i’ve done everything thats needed (i think) but once everythings uploaded i fill out the form to test it but it just won’t send to my email…I can’t figure out whats wrong with it, it might be a dodgy host im using (spaceports :-\ ) but it supports php, so im not sure, anyway…ive attached my .fla and.php file below so feel free to check it and see what you thinkcuase im totally lost :*( …id really appreciate any help.


I used the same tutorial when I learnt to do php forms. It’s very easy. I’ll have a look at your fla when I get a chance - unless some else does…

Your php file was not formatted correctly. I’ve also tidied it up a bit so when you get feedback you know what it is (ie the appropriate heading).

Also change the email address back to your one. Be careful when you edit the file to keep the correct extension and don’t change anything else. Some servers are also quite strict whether you use .PHP or .PHP3.

I don’t think this was the prob in your case though

cheers flex, thanks for the help i really appreciate it…im not that familiar with php so it was kinda hit n miss, thanks again :slight_smile: