Point and Click: 3D Environment

Hi There,

I am trying to develop a new project , As I am now becoming an adventure game junky , I wanted to make some move and try to create some test in “Point and click” games. Like I mention in the Title , I want the Player to be in a 3D environment as a “First Person” and beeing able to rotate 360° …

I went and Spent some time into Raycasting Codes But I guess This is not a good choice because of the limitation of Relative “Hi-Def” Textures .

Though I Liked the choice of Raycasting because of the use of 2D pictures.
I don’t know if It will be nice in Swift 3D as the Look is too Polygonal too me …
So I was Wondering If any Of you would have a Clue To direct me to …!
THx .