Point and Click: 3D Environment

Hi There,

I am trying to develop a new project , As I am now becoming an adventure game junky , I wanted to make some move and try to create some test in “Point and click” games. Like I mention in the Title , I want the Player to be in a 3D environment as a “First Person” and beeing able to rotate 360° …

I went and Spent some time into Raycasting Codes But I guess This is not a good choice because of the limitation of Relative “Hi-Def” Textures .

Though I Liked the choice of Raycasting because of the use of 2D pictures.
I don’t know if It will be nice in Swift 3D as the Look is too Polygonal too me …
So I was Wondering If any Of you would have a Clue To direct me to …!
THx .

There is a program on adobe.com called atmosphere thatis for creating online 3d worlds its pretty cool costs alot but it was so easy to learn how to make stuff in it.
The scripting Language is Javascript so its not too hard to learn. And you can import movies and textures into it so if you want something like a tv in there you can import the movie and somehow flash swfs you can have in it too i beleive i never got around to finding out about that.

Hi, signifer123!!!
Thx for giving me some direction .
After spending 3 days every where I could imagine , looking for 3D based engine… using bitmap textures in Flash , I was a bit discourage as It’s actually too complex for MEeee :slight_smile: .

Programming all this 3D engine … just gave me headaches before even starting any thing … though I 've seen a lot excellent work so I may give some link as some people may find some cool staff to use !

Raycasting tutorial ( not Flash but very interesting !)

3D drawing API … skewing … and other …

FLash component to creat 3D Plane textured !!! ( also see 3D box )

Andre Michelle 3D plane … Errgggggh Too mad !

Ok I think that’s enuff , Me I think I gonna go To Director and Raycasting !
as It’s far more realistic than in Flash … :0