POLL - Modding the time


Make an old and fat woman on the basis of this picture. Make her 70-80 years old and 80-90 kilos fatter (160-180 lbs.)[/color]
Should be photorealistic!
Im sorry only I participated…

so… what the heck is the point of polling ?

Essence: Everybody poll of me.

  1. because I am the best of this thread :king:
  2. because nobody don’t make versions :q:

Ok. Just kidding…:wink:

nice picture, best one ive seen in this whole thread.

Wow, well this was a tough desicion, but I think rolland’s pic just caught me :wink:

ROLLAND IS A KING! Sorry, I had to say it. Nice work Rolly, though I don’t appreciate what you did to my wife here but at least I’ll know what to expect down the road.

Thanx NJ!
(And sorry, if I had know it she is your wife…)

Making an unneccesary post was GAY! There is no reason you should have posted this poll. It was dumb, stupid, and retarded.

“Oh look at me I’m the only one who submitted, ahahahaha…”

This thread should be deleted by a mod.

jeez dj…its ok.

I would have done this one but my time was demanded elsewhere so <i>I</i> was interested in anything that got done. It’s not like this thread is devouring the server’s resources.

Be at peace my son, we are all brothers here.

I’m just saying, he already has a thread for this. There is no need to start a poll when there is only one submition.

Hey Dj!

Relax! It’s just a joke…:wink: