Pom I need your help

I was looking at your SharedObject tutorial, and I need some help.

I can’t get flash to go to a defined part of my movie if it finds the sharedObjetc, what should I do? I’m not that good at Actionscript and need this ASAP. Please helpme.


Well, what’s the matter? Everything’s in the tute… You test the value of your shared object, then you do whatever you have to do… Read it once more.:slight_smile:

pom :asian:

Ok, I understand your tutorial clearly, but the part I’m stuck in is, that I want the movie to do the second step automatically, for it’s meant to play the whole movie only once, and every subsequent time it must bypass it and go directly to the ending.

Check the code for the process here:

1st frame:

user = SharedObject.getLocal(“turismo2”);

if (user.data.name == undefined){
} else {
firstname = user.data.firstname;
name = user.data.name;
computer = user.data.computer;

For the second step rather than making a form, I made a MC and attached this part of the script:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
user.data.name = 1;
user.data.firstname = 2;
user.data.computer = 3;

Now, can you tell me what’s wrong, why it aint working?

if you tell me what’s not working…

And did you test your fla online?

pom :asian:

if you tell me what’s not working…

And did you test your fla online?

pom :asian:

I tested it on an internal server, but it does not work. It should bypass the movie and go directly to the end of the animation, but it doesn’t.

Is the code ok? or I should have to go for another aproach?

The code looks fine, if you have labeled your frames correctly. Can you post your fla?

pom :asian:

I’ll test it and let you know if it worked.

Thanks pom

I found a more apropiate way to do it with random, thanks anyway pom, keep the good work.