Poor Student Needs Help

A friend of mine who is a student has to turn in this flash project by Monday. Is all in CS3 which i cant open as I’ve Flash 8. Please find instructions below and the zipped fla files. Think she want to link up the external swf’s so it’s a quick one.

###Source File###

I need to link all these files together. Also im using cs3 for this project.

The file Introtogame12.fla is the first file that plays when you run load_external_file.fla, then when Introtogame12.fla has run completely you click on the castle and it opens InsideCastle.fla. When you get 90 points in here it opens SkeletonGameBackground4.fla, when the you put the skeleton back together it opens PictureTriviaGame.fla.

Im not too sure if I explained that very well. I dont even kno if this is the way to go about it. I just need to link all these files together. My lecturer said to use a localConnection class and Ive tried to do this but it just doesnt work.

Many Thanks