Pop-up Chromeless Window Questions

i have questions about the chromeless window components. i figured this may be the best forum for the post. \r\r1. how do i control the size of the “close” button on the top right, and the position (also the minimize button’s size and position)? i am trying to use a jpeg that is 80x30, but it is getting smooshed into what looks to be 25x25 pixels. how can i fix this to use whatever size image i want (could i also use an embedded flash file?).\r\r2. how would i make the window’s components shift to the bottom of the window (i.e., see www.microbians.com to see what i mean about this part)? \r\rAny help or a point in the right direction would be great. \r\rYou can check out what i already have at www.sluga15.com \r\rThanks guys

Don’t have a clue. In fact I just wanted to tell you that I like the design of your site very much. What font are you using if I may ask ?\rpom 0]

BN Elements \r\ris the name of the font

  1. I didn’t know it could be over 11x11 pixels. I got that size, from looking at one of his button gifs and then using that size to make my own. I looked at his site and I noticed that on his bar the buttons look larger. Also he has ones that switch the language. So either he has altered his script for his own purposes or he is using some other trick. I’m wondering if there is a way to remove the buttons entirely and have only the title part of the bar. Then you could use that to place your own fake buttons like his language ones and the graphic on the left. Placed right, they could look exactly like normal ones. But that’s just a guess. I’ll give it a try right away though. You’ve got me curious. :wink: \r\r2. I dunno about this. :frowning:

You know what? This guy is either a god with his scripts and has done a lot more with them on his site than he is willing to tell or that bar at the bottom of his site isnt actually the bar. I can get the bar to be removed completely if I want and I guess if you wanted you could make your own fake bar. Assuming this guy is @#%$ good he could make a pretty good replica plus his own features built in.\r\rIt’s so confusing!! :eek:

I don’t know if it’ll help but he did that window using Flash MX.

How do you know he did that with flash MX??? i dont think it was out when he did that site. if he did do it with that, how is it that you came to that conclusion, and hwo would i go about copying it?