Pop up window from html text field

I’ve found lots of posts and tutorials on this general subject but nothing addressing this particular problem.

I want to support clickable images in my html text fields. The image thumbnails when clicked will open up a copy of themselves in a larger “new” window. I’ve done this in straight html b/f with no problems but i’m getting some interesting behavior when I try it from the flash html text fields.

a simplified example

the following html code lives in an external text file which is dynamically loaded into an html text field

please excuse the syntax errors, had to do it b/c the HTML Code is enabled and I couldn’t figure out how to disable it.

anchor hreference=“javaascript:window.open(‘http://www.google.com’)”
image src=“images/thumbnail.jpg”

click on the image and the new window is created successfully, however, we lose the parent. The parent window displays



javaascript:window.open(‘http://www.google.com’) shown in the location bar.

hmmmm, any insight much appreciated.