Pop Up Window Issues

Hi everyone,

I just finished the Kirupa Flash MX tutorial on how to create centered pop up windows ( http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/centered_popup.htm ), but I’m having a couple issues. Everything is working fine except…

  1. When you click on the button to open the pop up, it opens both a new blank window and the pop up window. How do I get rid of the blank window so only the pop up opens over the window with the button? (as it does in the tutorial)

  2. I changed all of the approprite actionscript info but the pop up doesn’t actually display the HTML file that I want it to… it’s just blank. They are in the same directory and the HTML file works on its own so… ??? Does it have to actually be on a server or something? Shouldn’t I be able to just test it from my computer?

Any help would be appreciated!!