Pop-Up window problem

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a problem, which I’ve been working on for two afternoons now, but no luck… I seriously hope someone can help me out! So here goes;

I’ve made a site in flash (AS 2.0), no probs there, and want to pop-up illustrations using code in buttons. After that I created the .swf’s and the .html’s (GoLive CS2), and they are all popping up fine, no problem there, except one: everytime I pop-up the image, theres a black bar of about 10 pix above my image, which makes my image appear lower, and crops off the bottom!

This is the tutorial I followed: http://www.actionscript.org/resources/articles/22/1/Pop-Up-window-within-flash/Page1.html
(I hope you guys and girls don’t mind me not actually posting the code; the code tags of the site seem to bug (bomb) everytime I try to use them…)

I used everything, the code in my .swf, adding the stuff in my .html’s.
In the html of the pop-up I’ve been fiddling with the Margin Height and Width, and for the Width (which had a small problem too) changing it to -10 fixed the problem, but the Height is unchanged (I even changed it to -100, but nothing happens!). I’m at my end of knowing how to fix this, so if anyone can help - please! I’m forever greatfull!

For an example of what is happening visit the test-are I created to test my codes:
The blue square button is the pop-up code; the orange one above it is also a pop-up code, only using an Adobe tut (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/141/tn_14192.html) using the second (Javascript) method.
The other buttons are simpler get URL’s for blogs and stuff.
As a word of explanation, so you know what you are looking at I’m working on a site for my younger sister, who’s creating an online manga, called Shiro - The Seventh Player. The art is all hers :slight_smile:

Thanks for any answers in advance!!

-Greets, Kim