POP Up Window

I am trying to figure out to automatically launch a pop up window after the index.html launches. The index.html file has a whole flash site & I need to launch a pop up window to show another mini flash movie.

Any help would be appreciated. Trying to find a javascript to automatically call it but its not working.


getURL(“jav**ascript:window.open(‘page.html’,‘name’,‘height=300 width=200’);void(0);”);

The code in my index.html file looks like this but I am getting an script error message.

script language=“JavaScript”
getURL(“javascript:window.open(visorbeanie.html’,‘name’,‘height=300 width=200’);”);

I know I am doing something stupid been working at this to long today. I just want the visorbeanie.html to launch into a little window once the index.html launches

Thanks in advance for the help.

You are doing it wrong.

In flash you need to add that getURL to the first frame of your Flash movie.

But note: People with pop up window closers (which are many nowadays) will not be able to view your site, the pop up will get closed before it is even seen. Not to mention it is because many people hate pop ups, especially when they pop up automatically. Just a little note on the side.

I was trying to avoid adding it in the movie. I thought I could call it with straight javascript in the html file.

Thanks. I will launch within the movie.

Ok, I always screw myself when I don’t test code… but to do it strictly in JS… Put this between your head tags.

onload = window.open('visorbeanie.html','name','height=300 width=200');

PS: Since this has nothing to do with Flash, I am moving it to the Server-Side/Scripting section.

I forgot the void(0) in my first post (edited and fixed)

What is the method for preventing the user from maximising a pop up . I have set a pop up to be unresizable but it is still possible to maximise it. I have seen the maximise button masked over.

Any ideas guys or galls.

javascript:window.open(visorbeanie.html’,‘name’,‘height=300 width=200, resizable=0’)