Pop upp

im woundering if there is any way to have a popup window with a html dok in it and controll the size from flash?

Push button-swoooosh a new window poops up at x*x pics=)

you can do that by using javascripts, then give the button a getURL-javascript action, for cool window javascripts, check out: javascript.internet.com

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Kirupa has a tutorial on his site about doing it without Javascript, it is possible to do it all inside Flash MX.

His site is currently down, so I can’t give a link, but you can check there later, just use the search field in the upper right corner and look for “Centered Pop-Up Windows” or something along those lines.

thanks man

No prob, the site works again, so I got the link


yeah, but that’s to launch a window, that’s not that hard, but if you want to change the window that’s already launched, you’ll need to use javascript, ofcourse you can do it the same way the tutorial is showing you, if you don’t want to put the javascript inside your html-file. So eg. you click a button, a popup opens with an image, you click again, then you want to load another image into the same popupwindow and change the size and position. Or you can also load an swf file into that popup and use javascript to change the size of that popup when you click on a button inside the popupwindow.

The code used inside Flash is pretty much identical to the code used in Javascript. It is just defined in a prototype and calls the complete javascript window.open code in the getURL.