Popup windows....(again)

ok hi its me again…

I´v lookt at the URL u gave me but I dont get it…(dont hate me). You wrote:

"Hey dodo,
What you are trying to do is a little tricky, but it is possible. You could create a movie clip that contains a window. Set its alpha to 0. Then for the button, make it so that when the user clicks on the button, the alpha of the movie clip will become 100. That is the easiest way of accomplishing your task. You visit the Set Property tutorial where you can adjust the properties of a movie clip easily:


The page that u gave me was a bit hard to understand. The thing is, if I have the movie finished, and all the buttens as well, cant I just give the butten a actionscripting code/comand ???
I saw the tutorial u gave me (page) and I saw the popup window…but im sorry to say that all i want is the tutorial for the window…it cant be that har…can it ???

Please help me !!! Its a bit hard for me to understand all the texts, because im not english/american. And im not that hot on action scriptng :frowning:

Thank u for all your help !!! And remember…I use Flash 4


Well set property is the simplest action script code you can use, but you could try Tell Target. There really is no practical way of doing that without using some programming.

  1. create a movie clip with the window inside it.
  2. add a blank frame in the movie clip with the Stop action. The blank frame should be before the window.
  3. Go Modify | Instance and enter a name for the movie clip. You have to go back to Scene 1 to accomplish that. Remember the name you give the movie clip.
  4. Select the button and go to the Actions window. In it, select the plus sign ‘+’ and select Tell Target.
  5. In it enter frame 2 and for the target, enter /movieclipname. That is the name you gave the movie clip.

Those instructions should help you in displaying the pop-up window. Btw, are you asking about a pop-up window that appears within Flash, or a pop-up window that launches a new browser window set to a specific lenght/height?