Porblem with _rotation

hi, i just joined the forum and now i have a question,
Im working on something thats pretty enojing, this is the problem, im trying to create a cirkel with on the border a round button that works as a slider.
When i slide the slider around the the rotation is being displayed in a tekstbox, ok so far so good. NOW the real problem the slider has to slide along the cirkel for 2 times and has to give the rotation value in degress until the rotation stops at 720 degrees/.

To make it clear: when you spin a cirkel 2 times and show the degrees it spinned than it wil only display 0-180-270-360 then it pops right back @ 0 i need it to go to 720 degrees. Please help :slight_smile: grts and thnx

Put this somewhere in your _rotation code:

rotationVar = myMC._rotation;
if (rotationVar > 360) {
     _global.overflowVar = 360;
} else {
     _global.overflowVar = 0;

then something like this:

totalRotation = myMC._rotation + overflowVar;
myText.text = totalRotation;

It’s some rough sample code, but I think you get the idea. Hope this helps a bit.

thnx mate :slight_smile: gonne try it :slight_smile: realy hope it works , have tryed it for 2 days now whitout any succes grts