Portfolio check

Hey everyone,
I’ve posted before with a request for you all to look at my flash portfolio. Now I have also completed the HTML version and was hoping you could check it out and give me some constructive criticism. If you haven’t seen the flash version, please look at that too - the more comments, the better. In particular, can you highlight any massive issues with browser compatability.
Thanks very much everyone.

Link: http://www.tcwcom.co.uk/tom

I like it! very clean. one thing that would be cool is if the colors were random…


Well to be honest it’s kind of stark. I’m not feeling the grayscale image backgrounds at all. thinks…‘I pretty much hate grey altogether?’

Also, if you have a low and high speed version of the site then why not go crazy with the flash site. The movement you have on the flash site is alright but sound would be nice.